PTBlogs Reopens!

Dear friends here we are again to continue with the work done so far, to be able to offer Free Web Hosting to all those who can not afford it.

This new image of PTBlogs comes with some new features that we think are very useful to our customers.

A knowledge base has been created where, with a few clicks, you can access most of the questions asked through support requests.

A Customer Area has been created where you can manage your orders, access your account data, make support requests, and more.

Some modifications were necessary in order to keep this service online, among them was to disable the automatic creation of hosting accounts due to the great abuse by some haters. You do not have to worry because all hosting accounts will be activated within 1 to 8 hours.

And finally we created a system of donations for those who are our customers and are satisfied with our service.

In my name Fabio Soares and on behalf of every team and partners a big thank you to everyone for the trust and a great new year.